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Our sons, daughters and children are the fruits of our hearts, inspiration of our happiness, secret of our joy and the source of our optimism and a title of our hope, and they’re giving a real meaning to our lives as well as a life to our hearts, pleased with their smiles, feel happy with their laughs, be intimacy close to them. They are a candle to light our ways, serenity, delight to our souls.


They are the present generation and the men of a promising future. Subsequently, we decided to contribute in helping the process of upbringing them and to form their identities and achieve their independence by giving them more confidence in themselves as it is a role stems from our main work to provide a washable & healthy paint not to cause even a minimum damage to them, as well as provision of variety of colors dear to them and inspired with wonderful designs and multi options, for incorporation in their rooms to what they prefer and tend to their hearts.