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Obligations and provisions for utilization (Al-jazeera and kid) website

- If you agree to everything that is contained in this space, in the event of connecting to (Al-jazeera and kid) website , regardless of the way you enter or the way you utilization it, represents your commitment and obedience to all obligations and provisions which are given bellow.

- It is known that the site means overall design, information’s, texts, data’s, files, photos, documents, designs, drawings, icons, instructions, explanatory graphics, photographs, sound files clips, video clips, games, tags, whether commercial nor other related to the site’s sponsor part, and other various programs, and any interactive features, whether entitled under slogan, identity or brand relating to the ownership of this part.

- If you are under 18 years old, your parents’ or your legal guardian will be responsible of part or all of your activities in the site, therefore, it has to be known from your parents’ or the legal guardian about this activities, cause your utilization relating to this activities will affect their legal rights and duties.

- It has been known that your contact to other users will hold by your personal responsibility, or your parents’, legal guardian, if you were underage. That utilization will not hold to the personal responsibility of the site’s administration.

- It is not permissible for you to participate of any pictures or clips which owned to anyone except you and your friends and family. If you took a picture of your friend and submitted it as it’s your own, therefore it has to be approved by your friend to share this photo. If you chose to attaché other natural people photos, then you must be sure about their approval to share it. If the photos or the clips contained underage person, it must be permitted and approved by the parents’ or the legal guardian.

- It is not permissible to Plagiarism of any other person, whether was natural or juridical, or presenting contain under this qualities and knowing its incorrectness, falsity, deception, and mislead to your true identity.

- It is not permissible to exchange the private addresses of anyone else, whether was natural nor juridical person, that includes the name, residence location, street, neighborhood, city, zip code, and phone no, without took the approval of this person, parents’, or legal guardian if he was underage.

- All properties’ rights are reserved. These rights are limited and include the right to use the trademarks, logos, brand names, copyright, patent, and rights of Assembly, installation and organizing the site contains. However, it will allow to you enjoin a limited authorize, non-exclusive, able to terminate, disable to personal abdication or through transfer, not meaner giving you any intellectual property or any utilization of an intellectual property in any contain, it just allows you to watch, interim or permanent storage, play, or printing a copy of the contain which you click on it inside the site.

- It is not permissible to use contain owned to other users and then presented it as your own. And for example, your utilization’s contain has not to be include any visual logos, signs, trademarks, which owned to a third part without permission from this part. So, you were not allow buying, selling, exchange, read or trading any commodities or services or present an offer to none of the above, whether was the neither ownership of the site nor ownership of any third part.

- It is not permissible for you to use the site for commercial purposes, so involves use to promote a product, commodity or commercial activity, whatsoever its type, kind, place, or description, or presenting its positives or cons, that’s will include, advertising purposes whether was commercial nor voluntary to collect donations to any part.

- It is not permissible for you to damage the site, or any computer which owned to any other person by the contain you presented it. That means, the presented contain by you from an Intentionally and faith prior, was connected to a viruses, tracking programs, spying programs, or any such damaging techniques which would harm the site or the other connected computers or any internet devices or wireless devices connected to it.

- It is not permissible any utilization would consider as an aggressive form, abuse, obscene, annoying to the public, that include, insults, ejaculation, harassment, arrogance, or to comment in such abuse way or can harm the others, or presenting the comments and the participations including ironic action about the race, color, language, culture, gender, or the physical and mental disability.

- The violation to any of the obligations and provisions here above, will Expose you to criminal responsibility under the all applicable rules in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This doesn’t mean that the site’s administration will abdicate the right to Litigate and prosecute against you outside the K.S.A in the event of violate any of it under any regional or international laws to meet Literary compensation besides make sure the legally penalty signing and took place, and to compete about the damages, losses, costs, judicial investigations and expenses, attorney’s fees, fines, penalties and adjustments which can appears directly from any judicial suits, legal procedure, demand or adjustment connected to whatsoever violation whether was inside or outside the K.S.A.